Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The 12 Colors....

Part of Nantucket's charm is her homogeneity.  Her boringness, if you will.  A designated historic district since 1966, the island suffers/enjoys some of the strictest zoning laws found anywhere.  Take for instance the seemingly Draconian rules dictating the exterior appearance of one's dwelling or business.  Forget spending hours examining thousands of paint chips at your local Sherwin Williams.  The Nantucket Historic District Commission (HDC) has made your life a lot easier.  You have a choice of 12.  Unsurprisingly, eight of them are a shade of blue, gray, beige, or green.  I am a particular fan of the Essex Green--one of the most popular of the twelve.  In addition to the 11 shown below, you also can use white.  Duh, white trim!  Of course!

Take it home with you.  Want some ACK Style at your nest?  Simple!  Just take a lesson from the HDC and relegate your exterior colors to one of the Nantucket Twelve.  Say goodbye to all of those paint chip field trips!  You will take solace knowing that you have instantly participated in some long-distance color-coordination with at least a few of your favorite houses on your favorite island!

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